Our Technology

Carrara Marble is proud to boast one of the most technically advanced and modern production workshops within the UK. Our spacious 13,000sqf facility houses some of the latest technologies and machinery available within the market allowing us to offer exceptional services and finishes.


Carrara Marble Ltd has three fully automated GMM Egil CNC bridge sawing and moulding machines with 370° head rotation and a 90° tilting head. The GMM Egil CNC is one of the most technologically advanced stone processing machines available on the international market thanks to brushless motors and rotating elements guides which are appropriate both for repetitive processing and for processing of single unit pieces with parallel, orthogonal and oblique cuts.

Commanduli have over the years built a reputation for producing some of the finest edge profiling machines in the world and Carrara Marble has invested in two of their edge profilers to ensure that the highest quality benchmarks are met on every piece which is processed in our production facility.

Our most recent investment which we believe makes Carrara Marble Ltd one of the most technologically advanced stone fabricators within Europe is our Flow Mach 3 4020B Waterjet Cutter. Our machine utilizes Flows patented dynamic Waterjet XD system, the WaterVeyor abrasive removal system and the FlowMaster easy to use software. Since the purchase of this revolutionary piece of equipment, Carrara Marble has increased its productivity, efficiency and reduced our carbon footprint.

This heavy investment in recent years as well as the ongoing training of our workforce and the development of our internal operational procedures makes Carrara Marble Ltd able to effectively meet the ever increasing demands of today’s fast paced and ever changing business environment.


We are currently offering 20mm Dekton ‘Splendor’ polished porcelain for a very competitive price.

If you are interested in receiving a quotation please contact us on 0208 838 4604 or email info@carraramarble.co.uk