Selecting Stone Surfaces for your Kitchen

Selecting Stone Surfaces for your Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of any home, with many homeowners using the space to socialise, prepare meals and entertain guests. When designing a new kitchen scheme, everything must be carefully considered – from the cabinets, to paint colours, appliances and choice of stone for your work surfaces.

We’ve teamed up with fine quality man-made and natural stone specialists from Cullifords to discuss selecting the best stone surfaces for your kitchen.

Things to Consider

Stone surfaces can be used in a variety of ways throughout the kitchen – traditionally, many homeowners select stone for their worktops, but stone can also create an impactful feature wall or splashback, or be used as feature island top, to help zone the space.

From clean white marble, to dark and moody granites – there are so many different variations of stone, to suit a range of kitchen interiors. With intricate ripples and naturally formed splashes of raw colour; the design possibilities are endless with natural stone.

When selecting an appropriate stone for the kitchen you need to assess its purpose – how often do you use the surface for heavy food preparation and is the kitchen purely for aesthetics or is it a functional, family space. This can have a huge impact on the stone you choose, as different stones will require different levels of maintenance.

However, in the event of stains or spillages, there are many high-street cleaning products available that can easily remove surface stains, or for a more intense clean, look to hire a specialist who will be trained in the removal of complex scratches or stains, to retain that brand new look and feel.

Materials to Consider

Granite Worktops

Granite is an ideal choice for the kitchen, with so many different colours and natural variations available. In addition to aesthetics, one of the benefits to choosing granite is that it’s practical – with both hard or soft granite options available – to meet a variety of needs.

We find kitchen worktops are more suited to hard granite options, as this is both heat and scratch resistant. Furthermore, a lot of granites are also UV and stain resistant, allowing for placement near natural light or an open window making it an extremely versatile choice. However, if you do opt for a soft granite make sure to invest in a sealant to make sure your stone performs at its best – a good sealant will stop the ingress of water, oils and other liquids.

Although most granite options will be able to withstand hot pans or plates being placed on the surface, there is still a chance of thermal shock, so it’s always best to use a trivet or chopping board in order to prevent any marks to the worktop.

Marble Surfaces

Homeowners looking for an on-trend, luxury kitchen surface will often request marble – an elegant choice for the kitchen, marble will create a stunning feature in any home. With its white, minimalist veining and clean aesthetic – marble will add class and sophistication to any scheme.

The glossy and beautiful surface is extremely eye-catching, which is what adds to its visual appeal and popularity within kitchen and interior design. Perfectly complemented by metallic hardware in brass or gold tones – by utilising a coloured finish, you can really accentuate the marble, to make it pop. In addition to marble worktops, the natural stone can also be used to create a sleek floor covering.

When it comes to functionality, marble surfaces typically develop a patina from small scratches or everyday stains if the sealant isn’t performing well. However, one of the key benefits of marble is that stains can be easily removed with a poultice, or it can be re-polished in situ.

Although natural stones can be costly, and some varieties will be much more expensive than others – there is no harm in asking. A worktop offers the perfect finishing touch to the kitchen space, therefore we believe there is no harm in paying a little bit more for something of high quality. We hope this post will be of use, when selecting the ideal stone surface for your kitchen!

We’ve teamed up with fine quality man-made and natural stone specialists from Gerald Cullifords ( to discuss selecting the best stone surfaces for your kitchen.