Composite Worktops – What you need to know

When you are designing your kitchen there is a good chance that you will have heard of composite worktops. However, you may not know as much as possible about them to feel that you can make an informed decision. To help, we have put together our guide on the things that you need to know about composite worktops.

What is a Composite worktop made of?

The first thing to cover when you want to learn more about composite worktops is exactly how they are made.

The term composite worktops or composite stone is a relatively loose term. Essentially, the idea behind composite stone worktops is that they are a combination of two different materials (sometimes even more materials) which are brought together in order to create a new type of material. By bringing those two materials together you are going to create something that has all the benefits of the materials in one worktop or surface.

What are the advantages of a Composite worktop?

As we have already covered, the idea behind composite worktops is that they have been created as a way to bring together a variety of benefits that are usually seen in other materials.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise if you choose composite worktops then you are going to have some great benefits. Composite worktops are heat and scratch resistant and they are also stain resistant too.

They also have a seamless and glossy look, which is often popular for people within their kitchen. Composite worktops are also versatile, which means that they come in a variety of colours and they can be moulded into any shape that you want. Ideal for your kitchen space.

What’s the difference between engineered stone & solid surface?

The idea behind engineered stone is that it brings together a mixture of materials, usually quartz and resin, to create a man-made mixture which can then be used in worktops.

Colour is usually added to the engineered stone mixture along with glass or mirrored chips which will give a somewhat glittery or speckled appearance.

Solid surface is a type of composite whereby stone and mineral dusts are combined with acrylic, resin and pigments. All of which come together to make a solid surface finish.

The combination of these materials can vary and there are a number of stone-like effects and colours that you can go for when choosing these worktops. Just what you are going to want when it comes to making sure that your kitchen looks just the way that you want it to.

Can I use Composite anywhere else?

The great thing about composite stone is that it is not only great for composite worktops, but it can also be used in a number of other items around your home too. Still in your kitchen you can use composite for composite granite sinks and for composite quartz sinks both of which will ensure that your entire kitchen comes together.

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