About us

We have been operating on the British market since 1994, but our experience in the stone industry stretches back almost 30 years.

Our company specialises in the manufacture and installation of the finest natural and engineered stone finishes to both the residential and commercial sectors. Through constant innovation, training and development, we have become one of the stone industry’s leading companies.

Having formed close and trusted relationships with both domestic and international suppliers, we are able to offer our clients the highest quality materials which go through vigorous quality control procedures ensuring that only the finest stone is used on their projects.

We offer a standard turnaround time from the production of templates to installation of seven days which is one of the quickest offered in the industry. We are able to do this due to a highly organised and controlled manufacturing process where quality and meeting client expectations are the absolute priority.

All our services are carried out in house allowing us to coordinate every aspect of our work from start to finish. Carrara Marble’s in depth knowledge and experience creates artistic charm and luxurious appeal. We offer unique design elements which can be used in all interiors from the very minimal to the truly traditional. These include stone sinks, sloping drainers as well as built up edges to any desired thickness or profile.

Using the latest quality control and environmental benchmarks, we can assure our customers that the product they are buying has been created with the most minimal impact on the environment and we vigorously test our supply chain partners on a regular basis to ensure that the quarrying practices used by them meet internationally recognised standards.

We also boast an impeccable Health and Safety record and keep abreast of the latest legislative requirements influencing our sector and the construction industry as a whole. The training of our workforce and constant review and development of our H&S Management Systems is at the centre of our company culture and ethos.

We have worked on large scale worldwide projects located in Ireland, The UAE, Greece, Poland and France alongside some of the most prestigious architectural and contracting companies.



We are currently offering 20mm Dekton ‘Splendor’ polished porcelain for a very competitive price.

If you are interested in receiving a quotation please contact us on 0208 838 4604 or email info@carraramarble.co.uk