Common questions asked about Marble

When it comes to interior design, one of the materials that you may instantly recognise is marble. But just because you know the term, that doesn’t mean that you 100% understand the make-up and it’s uses as a material. So, to help you to learn more about this natural stone, we have put together some of the most common questions that are asked about marble.

What is Marble?

Known as a form of natural stone, something that is made deep underground. It is not man-made, meaning there are no materials or processes that you can try out in order to form it yourself.

Where does Marble come from?

It is entirely naturally occurring which means that it is formed underground, rather than being made somewhere. It happens over a considerable amount of time, when layers and layers of limestone and calcium carbonate are subjected to the heat and pressure that comes closer to the earth’s core.

How is Marble made?

We have already taken a look at how this stone forms over time underground, but how does it actually make its way into the modern world? The stone needs to be transported from where it is found, to the place where it will be made into marble worktops or any other use that it may have. It is important that marble is transported with care, so that the raw rocks do not become damaged. One way to do this is to place rubber foam down the side of the large containers that are going to be used to transport the marble, this will ensure that it is kept in place and that they do not smash into one another.

These large slabs are then cut down so that they can be used easier. A crane will usually be needed to lift the stone block onto a gang saw, where a computer inputted dimension will then be followed to cut the slab and get it ready to be finished off.

You finish marble by cleaning it with an incredibly strong power jet before polishing it to get that beautifully polished look that we are all used to.

What is Marble Used for?

So, what is this natural stone actually used for when it is completely finished? The most common use is marble worktops, however, marble floors are also commonplace. Essentially, if there is building or architectural work that needs to be carried out, then there is a good chance that marble is going to be the go to material.

What type of Rock is Marble


It is a metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rock is formed during a combination of heat, pressure and naturally occuring chemical processes. These processes usually happen under the surface of the Earth, where you will find incredibly extreme conditions which takes their toll on the rocks that are there.

What does marble look like and how can you recognise it when you see it? ?

Marble comes in shades that vary from pristine white to darker blacks, however, it’s colours will come in are subtle rather than bold. You may also find that the layers of the limestone that occur when the stone is formed will create tinges and colouration that could be a variety of colours. Similarly, there will also be veins and streaks within the stone that come from impurities mixing in.

Most of all, marble is glossy and beautiful to look at, it has a high sheen which is why it is often a material that people will choose for their kitchen or home design.


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