Top Tips on How to Clean your Onyx Surface at Home

When you install an Onyx surface in your home, particularly in your kitchen, you are going to want to make sure that its beauty and style always shines through. However, as time goes on, even Onyx surfaces can look like they need a good clean.

The thing to remember about Onyx is that, as a material, it is incredibly porous and this means that it ca/n be prone to damage during cleaning.

To help you to make the most of your investment and keep it looking its best, we have put together our guide on how best to clean Onyx.

Only use a mild soap

Whilst you may think that Onyx is a strong and durable material and this is certainly true, it still needs some careful treatment when it comes to cleaning. This means that, when you are cleaning your worktops, you need to only ever use mild soap or detergent, one that is pH-neutral and will clean it, but without damaging it.

Clean with a soft and damp cloth

One of the best things about Onyx is that it is relatively easy to clean. Whilst it is porous, which means that water and cleaning products can soak through the worktop, it is also can be wiped down with a soft and damp cloth and still come up shining.

Tackle a stain with a soft-bristled brush

Whilst everyday dirt and debris on your Onyx surface can simply be wiped away with a damp and soapy cloth, sometimes you may find that a bigger stain needs to be tackled. When this is the case you need to reach for a soft-bristled brush.

Anything harder and harsher is likely to scratch the Onyx surface and this isn’t going to be something that you will want to happen. For extra cleaning power, make sure that you wet the brush slightly, dabbing a touch of mild soap on it before scrubbing on the stain.

Always remove the soap once clean

When it comes to cleaning your Onyx surface you should never leave any soap residue behind. Once you have cleaned the surface and tackled any larger stains, you need to ensure that you wipe it over with a clean, wet cloth, at least twice. Just to make sure that you remove all the soap and leave a clean worktop.

Dry the surface with a clean towel

Once you have cleaned your Onyx surface, you always need to dry it. Any exposure to moisture over a prolonged period of time can leave stains and watermarks on the surface. It is important not to miss this step and we advise that you use a dry (and clean) towel to pat the water from the Onyx, rather than wiping it down.

Apply food-safe stone sealant

A sealant is going to ensure that your Onyx surface is protected against all the things that everyday life can throw at it. You will need to apply a food-safe stone sealant at least twice a year, and this should always be applied with a dry cloth in small circular motions.

As you can see it doesn’t have to be hard going to make sure that your Onyx looks its best. All you need to do is treat it carefully when cleaning it and make sure that you keep it protected and you will be rewarded with clean and stunning surfaces.


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