Six Advantages of Porcelain Kitchen Worktops

When you think of porcelain there is a good chance that you are going to think of mugs, cups, bowls and plates that make an appearance on your kitchen.

Of course, this is the most commonplace use of porcelain, however,
what you may not realise is that this ceramic material can actually be used I more places than just your crockery cupboard.

Porcelain, whilst thought of as a fragile material, is actually ideal for use in a variety of other places too, as it is created by heating clay type materials at high temperatures, rather than being as fragile as we may think, it can actually become quite a strong and resilient material.

In fact, porcelain kitchen worktops are a thing and polished porcelain worktops could actually be a great choice for your kitchen.

But why, what makes porcelain worktops an ideal choice to make? Here are six advantages to choosing them.

They are scratch resistant

Kitchen worktops can go through quite a lot, and with so many sharp objects being used, it is a genuine concern that they may end up being scratched.

Whilst some materials will become scratched over time, porcelain slabs are much more resilient to these sharp tools and should be able to withstand scratches and marks.

They are stain resistant too

Not only can porcelain worktops resist scratches, they are also stain-resistant too.

Despite our best efforts, when we are cooking and preparing food, we do tent to make a mess, however, with porcelain slabs you don’t need to worry that you are going to ruin your worktops. Food and liquids are much less likely to cling to this material, making it all the easier to wipe them down.

They are durable

Durability is one key consideration when installing kitchen worktops, after all, you are not going to want to have to replace them after a few years.

The great thing about porcelain is that it can be strong and touch, which means that the worktops that you have installed are less likely to end up scuffed, damaged or simply looking worn and tired over time. Meaning that your kitchen is always going to look its best.

They are hygienic

Because porcelain is a non-porous material, this means that it is incredibly hygiene. No bacteria is able to gain access beneath the surface of the porcelain and set up camp there. Instead, it sits on the top and can be easily wiped away and sprayed down with a spot of antibacterial spray.

They are lightweight and easy to work with

Whilst this might not directly help you, porcelain worktops are easy to work with and are lightweight to install. This does make things easier for the kitchen installers, but because they are able to work with the material with ease, it may make things a little quicker your end, which is great when you are in a hurry for your new kitchen.

They are heat resistant

Kitchens get hot and there is always a chance that you will place a hot pan on the surface without thinking. Whilst it is recommended that you always use a heat pad, porcelain worktops are heat resistant so, if you do end up popping your pot straight down, you shouldn’t damage the worktop.

When you are looking for porcelain worktops, then you need to head to us for help. We are experts in a variety of different worktops and will work with you to ensure that you have everything that you need in your kitchen.

All at the best quality possible.

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