10 Reasons to Use Natural Stone

The number of building materials available to homeowners has dramatically increased in recent years.

Modern manufacturing processes have allowed for the creation of sophisticated building materials made from advanced polymers and other space age materials.

However, many homeowners still prefer the appearance and characteristics of natural stone.

Here are 10 reasons why so many people prefer to use natural stone in their home.

#1 — Natural stone is an environmentally friendly material

Natural stone does not contain pollutants or toxic chemicals.

That means it cannot release any chemicals into your home once it is installed.

Natural stone is a class A building material that in incombustible and will not produce toxic substances when exposed to flames.

It can be installed in its raw form, without any chemical coatings or impregnating agents.

#2 — Each piece of natural stone is unique

The characteristics of each piece of natural stone will vary based on how it was made.

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks have different qualities due to the way they were formed.

The minerals that were available when the stone was created will also help to determine its colours, patterns, and texture.

When homeowners install natural stone, they are adding a truly unique piece of the natural environment to their home.

#3 — Natural stone is a part of nature

Because natural stone is formed by the natural processes of the earth, very little energy is required to obtain it.

Natural stone doesn’t need a large factory for processing and most stone is taken from small quarries.

#4 — There are have limitless design options

There are so many different combinations of colours, textures and patterns in natural stone.

This makes it easy to find the perfect stone for the design aesthetic of your home.

You can find stone that matches any design style from contemporary through to industrial and modern.

#5 — It’s easy to cut and shape natural stone

Natural stone can be cut to virtually any shape by quarries and stone fabricators.

You can create everything from huge slabs for large workbenches to small tiles that fill in the gaps in your bathroom walls.

You won’t be limited to a set number of sizes that a manufacturer produces in their factory.

This allows you to create some unique and interesting shapes in your home, including curved counter tops and elegant sinks.

You can also carve natural stone very easily, making incredibly ornate designs that make your home stand out.

#6 — Natural stone is affordable

The price of natural stone has come down significantly in the past few years, as more suppliers have entered the market.

Although it is still more expensive than timber, ceramic tiles or linoleum, it will last much longer than those materials and has a higher level of durability.

#7 — Natural stone will look fantastic for years to come

Natural stone is incredibly durable and will retain its appearance for many years.

It won’t fade, crack, or warp like other materials.

Well-maintained stone surfaces will look great for hundreds of years!

#8 — Your home will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter

Natural stone has a high level of thermal conductivity, which means it transfers heat and changes temperature very slowly.

This allows a stone floor to slowly absorb the heat of the sun on a winters day and release it during the evening.

This can reduce your heating and cooling bills.

#9 — Natural stone adds value to your home

Natural stone has an excellent reputation and is a highly prized material.

Buyers are willing to spend more money on homes that have natural stone in their bathroom, kitchen, and living areas.

#10 — The cost of maintenance is very low

Once natural stone has been sealed, it is very easy to clean and is very hygienic.

You won’t need to buy expensive cleaning products and will be able to clean your stone surfaces in a matter of minutes.

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