9 Reasons to Use Sandstone in Your Home

Sandstone is a beautiful natural stone that is a popular choice with homeowners.

It is a versatile material that can be used almost anywhere within the home.

The most common ways that sandstone is used in the home include flooring, wall cladding, and as a worktop.

This article will share some information about this wonderful material and some of the reasons why it remains popular today.

What is sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is formed by multiple layers of minerals becoming cemented together.

Most pieces of sandstone are created from the minerals quartz or feldspar because they are resistant to weathering processes.

Impurities within the minerals that sandstone contains will determine its colour.

The most common colours include brown, tan, white, yellow, pink, grey, red, and black.

Some colours are common in specific geographic regions, which helps experts determine where a piece has come from.

Sandstone is a relatively soft rock that can easily shaped.

This makes it a popular choice for everything from tiles to ornamental statues and flooring.

Despite being soft, it is quite resistant to weathering and can be used on the exterior of buildings and in gardens.

Why use sandstone in your home?

Here are nine reasons why you should use sandstone in your home!

#1 — Sandstone is a beautiful material

The most obvious reason for using sandstone in a home is that it is a beautiful natural material.

The earthy colours of sandstone are visually striking and are perfect for creating an interior space that is attractive and unique.

The texture of sandstone and its visible grains remind humans of nature, which can make your home a more comfortable space.

The wide range of neutral earthy colours allows homeowners to easily find a colour that suits the rest of their home.

#2 — Sandstone is low maintenance

Despite being a soft stone, sandstone is quite durable and won’t need much maintenance.

It can even be used as external wall cladding.

However, if you are using sandstone in an interior space which is often exposed to water or liquids with the potential to stain, it should be sealed.

#3 — Sandstone is a versatile material

You can use sandstone virtually anywhere around the home.

Sandstone can be used for garden pavers, floor tiles, wall cladding, bathroom tiles, sinks, worktops, and much more.

Its versatility allows you to use sandstone in many places around the home and create a uniform look.

#4 — Sandstone is durable

Sandstone is a very durable material that lasts longer than many synthetic materials.

It will outlast manmade materials like porcelain or ceramics and will look great for many decades to come.

#5 — Sandstone can be cleaned with water

Another great advantage of using sandstone is that it can be cleaned with water.

If you have outdoor pavers or tiles that have become marked, you can simply use a high pressure sprayer to remove it.

This makes sandstone a great choice for outdoor areas, around pools and in the garden.

#6 — Sandstone is easily shaped

Sandstone is a soft stone that can easily be cut into the shape you desire.

This means you can create curved worktops, tiles with irregular shapes, and other intricate designs.

Despite being soft, it is still hard enough to resist the elements — it’s the best of both worlds!

#7 — It is easy to fasten sandstone to other objects

Sandstone is a lightweight natural stone that bonds well with other surfaces.

This characteristic makes it ideal for using as wall cladding or tiles.

Your installers will have no trouble fastening sandstone to any virtually any surface in the home.

#8 — Sandstone works well with many different design styles

Sandstone’s clean appearance makes it suitable for homes decorated in many different design styles.

You can use sandstone in homes that are contemporary, industrial, modern, mid-century modern, minimalist, Scandinavian or traditional.

This means you can also completely change the design style of your home without replacing your sandstone surfaces.

#9 — Sandstone is less expensive than other materials

To top it all off — sandstone is one of the most affordable natural stones you can buy.

You will be surprised by how much cheaper sandstone is compared to materials like marble and granite.

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