Introducing Slate Surfaces To Your Home

In recent years, Slate has grown in popularity for its unusual appearance and texture.

Slate is best known for its luxurious, charcoal grey colour and matte finish, although you can easily add a glossy top coat or lightly oil the surface if you prefer a shinier appearance. However, most people don’t know that this metamorphic rock (transformed from a pre-existing rock as a result of great heat or pressure) can vary from black, grey, purple, or green/grey.
Slate is a compact, fine-grained metamorphic rock that is comprised of multiple thin layers that have formed over many years. As with any other natural stone, every piece of slate is unique from one another as they all have their own unique markings so you can guarantee that no one else has the exact same slate surface.

Low maintenance stone surface

Very little maintenance is required to look after a slate worktop. As it is non-porous, you will not need to worry about getting rid of any stubborn stains or deal with water damage because it naturally has a slow absorption rate. With the use of a sponge and some water, you can easily rub the surface clean with little effort. It’s a great choice of stone if you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money cleaning the surface. Therefore, slate is an especially good choice for rooms that will come into contact with water a lot like kitchens and bathrooms.

Durable stone for the home

As well as fighting stains and water damage, slate is not an easy stone to scratch or break which also makes it an ideal material to store heavy equipment in or stand up to sharp knives as a kitchen worktop. Slate is also very heat resistant, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the surface if you place your hot pans on it making it a great kitchen tool in itself.

Stone flooring

We’ve briefly spoken about how great of a surface slate can be used for the kitchen, the bathroom, and as something to store heavy objects, but how about stone flooring? People often love the idea of having a sophisticated, natural stone floor but they are usually put off by how cold it can feel under their feet especially in the winter months. Stone naturally has a high thermal conductivity, but this is something we can use to our advantage with the use of underfloor heating. As heat rises, it is a good idea to place the heating source on the ground floor.

The fact that slate is a great thermal conductor, it can also be a great stone fireplace and a natural way to implement underfloor heating for your slate floor. The heat from the burning fireplace can easily spread throughout the slate flooring. Implementing stone flooring with underfloor heating will keep your home warm for hours, so you won’t have to worry about getting cold feet.

Overall, when we compare slate to other natural stone surfaces, slate is one of the most affordable stones out there if you consider how durable and resilient it is for your home in the long term. Whether it is incorporated as a kitchen worktop or a fireplace, this unique stone has become the stone of choice for many homes.


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