Facts About Granite You Possibly Didn’t Know

Granite is a material which is comprised of interlocking crystals of quartz, feldspar and mica, and forms deep underground.

There are also some cool facts about granite that a lot of people probably don’t know.

We’ve put together some of these facts, to help you learn a little bit about what’s going into your granite worktop.

Granite is one of the most common rocks on the planet

To start off, let’s look at how frequently granite is present around us.

It is one of the most common rocks in the continental crust of the Earth.

As a stone that forms deep underground, it can be exposed to the world as the core of many mountain ranges, which is called a batholith in larger areas.

It can also be part of the heart of the continents themselves, but in that instance, it’s known as shields.

It’s been in use for hundreds and thousands of years

Granite is a very sturdy material, being able to take the brunt of weathering, impacts, and be able to be polished without cracking under pressure, which does stem from all the time spent underground.

Consequently, it is used in the construction of lots of different things, being a building material in such elements as bridges, paving, monuments, and even countertops, which is why we use it.

These attributes do make it a very desirable material, as it carries a certain level of prestige and time honoured quality.

It can be classed in many different ways

Depending on how advanced the person classifying the rock is, there can be many different ways of looking at the granite.

A simple way to look at it is that it is a rock which has coarse grains and is comprised of quartz, feldspar and mica.

However, a more advanced analysis would, in geological terms, only classify it as granite if it contained a certain number of minerals and a certain percentage of these minerals in it.

The commercial definition of granite, which is what your worktop will be comprised of, is one wherein the composition of the rock is harder than marble and has visible grains.

It usually belongs underground

Granite forms underground, which explains why it is so tough and long wearing, having been created under enormous amounts of pressure.

If you happen to see granite above ground and exposed to the world, it is because it’s been lifted up and the sandstone beneath is has been eroded away.

Overall, these are just a few facts about granite that you probably didn’t know.

Coming from a place deep underground, the granite rock is a coarse-grained rock which is hard wearing, and resistant to many forms of weathering, which makes it a desirable choice for the design of buildings and monuments.

With all of these features and some impressive facts, it’s easy to see why the granite rock has come to be associated with high quality and prestige, being a rock which has never wavered in it’s quiet and understated strength.


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