4 Famous Monuments Made Of Granite

Being such a tough and durable rock, it is no surprise that granite has been used for many things – not just granite worktops!

It dates back to the Ancient Egyptians and quickly grew in popularity across the globe, being used in buildings, statues and monuments.

Here are four world famous statues and monuments that you might not realise are made of granite.

Avukana Buddha Statue (Sri Lanka)

Found just outside Kekirawa in Sri Lanka this amazing statue of Buddha is an impressive 40ft tall and carved in the likeness of the Buddha.


The Buddha shown is wearing a skintight robe that reveals his figure.

It has become a site for pilgrimage with many thousands of people flocking from all areas to see it.

There is little surprise that tourists are also keen to get their picture taken at his feet.

The statue is thought to date back to the 5th century having been commissioned by the ruler at the time King Dhatusena.

The carving was designed to be representatives of the Amaravati School of Art and the Gandhara School of Art.

Mount Rushmore (USA)

It is hard to imagine meeting anyone who has not heard of the iconic Mount Rushmore carving.

The granite monument features four historical presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.

It is such an iconic sculpture that it features in numerous films and cartoons as an attractive site for the heroes to fight the villains.

In reality, people cannot get that close, but at a massive 60ft tall and reaching over 1278 acres you certainly do not need to be right on top of it to see the immense detail that has gone into carving the portraits.

It has stood in Keystone National Park since it was finished in 1939 – having been started some 12 years early in 1927.

The original project included carving down to the waist of each icon.

Although the funding was cut in 1941, the heads continue to attract over 3 million visitors a year.

Signers Monument (USA)

Staying stateside we find the smaller but none, the less impressive Signers Monument.

Sited in Augusta, Georgia this statue is a tribute to the three local people who signed the US Declaration of Independence, as it has been built as a marker to the graves of two.

Lyman Hall and George Walton are both buried there, but it was never made clear where Button Gwinnett, the third signatory was laid to rest.

The obelisk is an impressive 50 foot high and has stood since 1848.

The Colossal Red Granite Statue of Amenhotep III (UK)

If you have visited the British Museum in London you will no doubt have seen the bust of King Amenhotep III who was the king of Thebes.

It was found in Egypt in the temple of Mud at Karnak in 1897 by explorers Henry William Beechey and Giovanni Battista Belzoni.

The head is thought to have been part of a much bigger structure as there was also an arm found, but there is no evidence to suggest what happened to the rest of his body.


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