7 Reasons To Consider A Quartzite Worktop

The popularity of quartzite has quickly increased in the past few years.

It is easy to see why — quartzite is a very tough material available in a wide range of stunning colours and patterns.

It is the perfect material for a kitchen or bathroom worktop.


If you are thinking about using a quartzite worktop in your next project, you have come to the right place.

This article will share seven reasons to consider a quartzite worktop for your kitchen or bathroom.

Let’s get cracking!

What is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a very dense metamorphic rock that is created from pure quartz sandstone.

It is formed under extremely high temperatures and pressure deep within the earth.

As the sandstone is transformed into quartzite, the quartz grains form an interlocking mosaic of quartz crystals — which makes quartzite a very durable and weather resistant stone.

After metamorphosis, the quartzite no longer resembles sandstone and develops a glassy appearance.

The quartz crystals often give quartzite an attractive grainy appearance with a sandpaper-like texture.

Because quartzite is so durable, it resists weathering and is often found on hilltops or ridges.

The most pure forms of quartzite are usually white to grey.

However, quartzite can be various shades of pink, red, yellow, blue, green, and orange due to the presence of other minerals.

Because quartzite is such a hard rock, it is often used to make roof tiles, flooring, stairs, and other building materials.

It has become very popular as a surface for countertops in the past few years.

Advantages of Quartzite Worktops

Here are a few of the reasons why quartzite worktops have become very popular:

It is a beautiful material that is available in many colours

Although some people may argue that quartzite worktops do not have the same elegance as marble or granite, many would disagree.

Quartzite is available in some very exciting and beautiful colour combinations.

Along with natural colours like white, black and browns, you can find slabs with beautiful shades of blue, gold or indigos.

The patterns on quartzite slabs are also extremely varied, giving consumers many options to choose from.

Quartzite worktops are affordable

Keeping an eye on your budget is always important when renovating or building a home or office.

Choosing a quartz worktop can give you a durable and beautiful worktop at a much more affordable price than granite or marble.

You can find slabs with consistent colours and patterns

Unlike some other types of stone, slabs of quartzite can be produced with a very uniform appearance.

Your quartzite worktop will have the precise colour, pattern, and texture that you are looking for.

Quartzite worktops are very strong

Quartzite has a high level of density and is very strong — stronger than both marble and granite.

That means you can use thinner slabs if you prefer, while obtaining a very solid worktop.

Quartzite worktops are non-porous

Because quartzite is a metamorphic rock that has been formed at high temperatures, it has a glassy surface and low porosity.

That means fluids will not be able to penetrate into the deeper levels of the worktop easily, making it stain-resistant.

You don’t have to worry as much about a spilt glass of red wine ruining your counter — a common problem for marble or limestone worktops.

Quartzite worktops are low maintenance

The low porosity of quartzite worktops makes them very simple to clean — just wipe them down with a wet cloth and a mild detergent.

Unlike marble, limestone or granite countertops, you don’t have to seal quartzite worktops to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.

Quartzite worktops have very high levels of durability

Quartzite is one of the most durable stones on the planet.

It is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for a kitchen or bathroom worktop.

We hope you enjoyed 7 Reasons To Consider A Quartzite Worktop.

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