5 Advantages Of Granite Worktops

Granite is a beautiful material that is very durable, stain-resistant, heat-resistant and impact-resistant.

It is a highly versatile material that works well as a workbench, countertop or table surface.


Once polished, it looks absolutely stunning and can be used throughout the house, in kitchens, workshops, hallways and dining rooms.

To help you learn more about remarkable material, this article will explain the five main advantages of granite worktops.

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that is formed by the slow crystallisation of magma below the earth’s surface.

It is mostly composed of the minerals quartz and feldspar, with a small amount of amphiboles, mica and other minerals.

The mineral composition of each piece of granite will determine its colour and patternation.

Most pieces of granite are white, pink or grey due to the presence of feldspar and quartz.

However, there are some very dark pieces of quartz that contain high levels of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals.

Granite is extremely durable and typically has a density of between 2.65 and 2.75 g/cm3 (165.4 – 171.7 lb/ft3), with a compressive strength usually above 200 MPa.

Its incredible strength and the fact that granite is always found in large deposits has made it a popular building material throughout human history.

Many of the great pyramids only survive today because they used granite to support their structure.

Other ancient structures like the Pantheon in Rome also owe their longevity to granite.

Today, granite is considered a very valuable material that is mostly used for sculptures, flooring, worktops, and tabletops.

It has some excellent advantages over other materials including:

Granite has excellent durability

Granite is a very dense stone with a high level of durability.

Granite worktops are:


Placing hot items on a granite worktop will not damage it.

That means you can take hot pans directly off the stove and place them onto your workbench.

Household items like jugs and toasters can also be placed onto the worktop with no risk of damaging it.


You can use your knives directly on a granite worktop, without a chopping board.


Once you have sealed your granite worktop, it is stain resistant.


Unlike timber, granite is waterproof and does not warp when exposed to moisture.


Granite is a very tough stone and difficult to chip.

However if you do manage to damage it, a professional can usually repair the issue.

These attributes combine to make granite a fantastic choice for a worktop that will be placed in a kitchen or bathroom.

Granite is an absolutely beautiful material

Granite contains many different minerals which give each piece a unique and attractive appearance.

No two pieces of granite are the same and you have many variations to choose from.

Granite has depth and reflects light in a spectacular fashion that highlights each component within the piece.

Granite is mostly composed of quartz and feldspar which small amounts of mica, and other minerals.

The mineral composition of each piece determines which colour the granite tabletop will be — high levels of feldspar make the granite pink or red, quartz adds hues of pink, white or black, and mica adds brown or black veining.

Take a quick look at some of the beautiful colour combinations available, ranging from very dark pieces with blue inflections, through to stunning combinations of pink and white.

Unlike other materials, the colour of granite will never fade when used indoors.

It will retain the intense colours, depth, and character that first attracted you to the piece.

Granite worktops are very hygienic and easy-to-clean

Once sealed, a granite worktop is impervious to bacteria, fungi, dirt, and other contaminants.

It just needs to be cleaned with soap and water on a regular basis.

You can also purchase granite top cleaners that leave a protective film on the top of your worktop.

Having granite worktops adds value to your home

Granite is considered a highly valuable material that increases the value of a home.

Potential buyers know that your granite bench tops are structurally sound and will deliver many more years of use.

Their attractive appearance also factors into the price that potential buyer are willing to pay for your property.

Granite can be cut into any shape that you require

Granite can be cut into squares, circles, arches, ovals and any other shape that you can think of!

This makes it ideal for bespoke kitchen or bathroom installations.

Thank you for reading 4 Advantages of Granite Worktops.

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