The Beneficial Properties of Granite Worktops

Long-regarded as one of the more luxurious options available to those planning a stone kitchen worktop, granite is as popular an option as it ever was. Check out our run-down of what makes this natural stone a natural choice for your kitchen.

Formed over the course of millions of years in the molten core of the earth, granite has an incredibly high compressive strength, which makes it a literal byword for toughness and durability. The same properties that mark it out as the preferred choice for monuments and memorials designed to stand up to wear and weather for decades make it an extremely durable option for your kitchen. Its resistance to heat from cooking pans and tins and the way it holds out against abrasion and impact mean it won’t let you down.


Granite is naturally non-porous, and – when supplied for use as a kitchen worktop – will have been finished with a special sealant that makes it resistant to bacteria and germs. The same sealant also means that most spills can be easily wiped away and that staining is unlikely. Take care to avoid potentially damaging bleaches and acids when cleaning granite, and that the surface will need resealing approximately once every two years. Though unlikely, minor damage to granite is relatively easily repaired with kits readily available online (though larger chips and cracks are best left to the experts).

As well as its strength, granite is highly prized for its natural beauty. The depth and variation of the colouration and veining make each slab of granite like a unique work of art. A granite worktop makes the perfect leaping-off point for both for traditional, and more naturalistic, contemporary kitchen designs. The visual impact of a beautifully polished slab given pride of place can be truly breath-taking. The material’s inherent strength also means that the colour will not fade over time.

Being regarded as a luxury option not only means that a granite worktop retains its value, but that it adds value to the home in which its fitted. If you choose a granite worktop, the rewards extend beyond mere strength and beauty and will continue for years after the initial fitting.


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