The Benefits of Quartz

Crystallised silicon dioxide, better known as quartz, is the second most common material found in the continental crust of planet earth. Owing to its ready availability and natural qualities, quartz has been a popular choice of material used by artists and craftsmen throughout history. Everything from gemstone jewellery to the movement in watches (where quartz’s natural piezoelectric properties come into play) have benefitted from this wonderful material, and it’s never been easier to showcase quartz in your home.


Quartz work surfaces are constructed by blending natural quartz and manmade resins, colourants, and decorative aggregates. This lends the lends a flexibility to the process of manufacture that means that users can enjoy a custom fit (with no seams necessary), and benefit from a huge range of colours, finishes, thicknesses, and textures. As well as offering colours that reflect the beauty of the mineral in its natural form (or which mirror the appearance of granite or marble), quartz worktops are available in brighter and more daring shades to appear to the fashion conscious as well as those seeking a classic, timeless look. Finishes incorporating sparkling or iridescent flecks to dramatic effect are also possible. Being produced in a factory, the colours and finishes are also made consistent throughout the slab, and from one slab to another, meaning quartz incorporated in different parts of a room can be made to match, or contrast, precisely.

The word quartz is derived from a Germanic root-word meaning, simply “hard”, which gives a clue as to the essential property which marks the material out for use in stone kitchen worktops and bathroom worktop surfaces. When blended with the materials used to manufacture it into worktops, quartz becomes more hardwearing even than natural stone such as granite. Quartz surfaces are easy to maintain and resistant both to the heat of baking pans and tins, and impacts.

Quartz is also non-porous, which means it has no channels or recesses for dirt and grime to penetrate, making it incredibly resistant to staining. Most spills can be very simply wiped away and polished quartz is easy to buff to a very attractive high shine. These same qualities provide nowhere for germs to hide, making quartz an especially hygienic option, perfectly suited to use in the kitchen.


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