Planning for a Kitchen Worktop

With a seemingly endless number of options available to the consumer, the prospect of choosing, purchasing, and fitting a new stone kitchen worktop can seem a daunting one. Follow our guide to make the process as painless as possible.

If chosen correctly to suit your requirements and properly maintained, a natural stone worktop can easily last a lifetime, so there’s no sense in rushing into a decision, and a potentially expensive purchase, that you may regret further down the line.


The logical first step is to think about your specific needs. What have you liked or disliked about your existing worktops or those you’ve encountered in the past? Do you value style over convenience? Do you have an existing design or colour scheme to bear in mind, or are your new worktops coming as part of a wholesale kitchen refit (if this is the case, perhaps you want to showcase your worktops as the central element of a design with the other fittings complementing them)? Budget is also an important consideration. Calculate the maximum you’re prepared to spend, and be ready to consider all options up to and including that maximum. Once you’ve established your priorities and budget, it’s time to measure up.

Make a rough sketch of the required layout of your surfaces, including the location of appliances which will need to be set into it (such as sinks, drainers, and cooking hob units). Next take measurements from the wall to the front edge of your workspace, finally measure across the length of your work surfaces from one side to the other. You should now have a plan from which an approximate quote can be calculated.

If your worktop is going to form part of an entirely new kitchen, think practically about the space available to you and what you want to use it for. Remember to allow ample room for food preparation and for any appliances or goods which you might wish to store on the counter-top.

Now you know what you’re looking for in terms of features, budget, and approximate dimensions, chat to the experts at your supplier. They’ll have been specially trained in helping you choose the materials and designs that best match your requirements, and their advice will be invaluable.


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