Five Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Natural Stone Worktop

Natural stone worktops can add a touch of class and natural wonder to any home, but a little thought is required when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. Use our handy guide to learn the essential tips to keep them looking their best.

Know your finish

Most natural stone used for kitchen and bathroom surfaces is available either with a high-shine polished finish, or a more naturalistic matte honed one. To keep your worktop looking at its best, use cleaners designed with your finish in mind. There are also specialist concoctions that will help bring out the best in the specific stone you’re using are also available.


Keep it mild

The reason you need to consider specialist cleaners is that the bleaches and acids in normal and general cleaners can damage the seal on your worktop and mark it permanently. Between more thorough cleaning with your specialist cleaners, simply employ a soft cloth (or kitchen roll) and a mild detergent.

Microfibre is your friend

A relatively recent technological advance, microfibre cloths are a marvel when it comes to cleaning natural stone. Whether using their super-absorbent properties to mop up spills, or their buffing power to remove tough stains gently, microfibre is the way to go. Polished stone tends to show streaks and water marks (especially darker coloured stone), but these will be no match for your trusty microfibre cloth.

Be prepared

Natural stone repair kits, designed for your specific stone and finish, are readily available from your local supplier or online, and it makes sense to keep one to hand. A stitch in time saves nine as they say, and having a repair kit on hand to deal with smaller cracks and chips as they occur is the best way to ensure that minor damage doesn’t worsen and ruin your worktop. The adhesives and sealants found in these kits can be harmful, so be sure to protect your hands and follow the instructions to the letter.

Leave the big jobs to the experts

It’s important to recognise the difference between a small repair job, such as can easily be carried out by the layman, and one which requires expert intervention. Large chips or serious fractures should be left to the experts, to prevent them expanding to the point of ruining your worktop. In the case of serious damage, discontinue use and cleaning until seeking the advice of a repair and maintenance professional.

Natural stone’s inherent hardy nature means that by following these few simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your worktops for years to come.


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