Considering a slate worktop?

If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen and purchasing a new worktop, picking the perfect surface material that fits your family and kitchen needs can be a daunting task.

With so much choice available on the market, how about considering a slate worktop?

Slate is attractive, durable, and a trending material – above all and perhaps most importantly is not a breeding ground for bacteria commonly found in kitchen areas.

The following examination should help when considering whether slate is the right choice for your kitchen.

Strength and Durability

The main benefits of slate come thanks to its inherent strength.

Slate surfaces are extremely resistant to cuts and chips, and completely impervious to heat at the temperatures they’re likely to encounter in the kitchen.

This means you’ll have less need for protective accessories like pan stands and chopping boards. Although slate is not completely invincible, as long as strong knocks to edges and corners can be avoided (this may cause cracking), there’s no reason why a slate worktop shouldn’t last a lifetime.


Slate is a doddle to clean. Being a non-porous rock, it has an incredibly low absorption rate, which makes it virtually stain-proof and offers natural protection both from bacteria and the harshest cleaning agents (though abrasives may mark it).

The size of slate slabs cut at quarries tends to be smaller than those of other natural stones, meaning worktops may need to be formed of more individual pieces, which means more seams. Depending on your worktop design, seams themselves may require more careful cleaning and maintenance.

Another benefit of slate is its low cost it’s more common and easily quarried than other natural stones, meaning there’s usually a slate worktop option to suit all budgets.


With subtly graduated colourations, slate is very attractive in the kitchen area.

It’s range of colours are predominantly found in the blacks and browns, you will find that slate has a naturally matte finish.

While it’s not necessary to apply any finishes to slate to benefit from its natural properties, a range of sealants are available to give it lustre and show its colouration in the best light.

The Verdict?

Whether you’re hoping to add an understated touch of natural drama to your kitchen, a busy cook out for for a practical way to save on time spent cleaning, or simply a bargain hunter looking for the best deal, slate offers something for everyone.

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