The Best Stone Worktops For Your Bathroom

Are you looking for a material for your stone bathroom worktop?

Before you make your final decision, we present you three popular options – granite, quartz and marble – and run through their advantages and disadvantages.

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When it comes to natural stone bathroom worktops, granite is arguably the first choice for most people, owing principally to its startling beauty and boundless variety of colour and pattern options.

In addition, granite is very hard-wearing, making it resistant to everyday bathroom wear and tear, and is also heat resistant, making it impervious to hot beauty tools such as hair straighteners.

When sealed properly (the material is naturally porous) it also lasts a very long time and requires minimal maintenance.

The main drawback of granite is its high price tag which makes it a very expensive for many homeowners – but the flip side of that is because it’s so in-demand a granite worktop can add considerable value to the resale value of your home.


Quartz worktops are manufactured using quartz, one of nature’s hardest materials, and added resins and pigments.

This manufacturing process makes the material (generally about 95% stone) extremely tough (more so than granite – plus it doesn’t require any sealing) and highly customisable, giving it a wide variety of installation and treatment options.

Quartz worktops are also very resistant to bacteria stains and moisture – making them the ideal choice for the bathroom environment.

As for disadvantages, quartz, like granite, is on the expensive end of the scale, and it also, depending on the finish, can show up smudges and fingerprints, which will require a wipedown.


Marble brings with it a classic and timeless elegance which although has traditionally been linked with wealth and status is now, thanks to improvements in production, much more affordable.

Marble is adaptable depending on your preference – it can either be honed for a matte finish or polished for a shiny finish.

In addition, marble worktops are generally long-lasting and are resistant to everyday wear and tear.
Marble bathroom worktops do present a handful of disadvantages: it is, like quartz and granite, an expensive choice of stone, and its porous nature makes it susceptible to staining.


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