The advantages of porcelain worktops

Porcelain is not generally high on the list when it comes to choosing a stone worktop material, however its popularity has grown in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue.

Although not as well-known as worktop materials such as granite, limestone and marble, porcelain worktops do present a number of advantages over their more popular stone counterparts, some of which we are going to look at today in this blog post.



One reason why porcelain should be considered as a worktop option is the variety of colours and patterns it comes in.

As a raw material, porcelain has varied pigmentation, which causes a plethora of hues and colours.

This means that whatever the décor and colour scheme of your home, you’ll no doubt be able to find some porcelain to match.

What’s more, porcelain does not suffer from discolouration and colour change like other worktop materials.

In addition, several finishes are available, including polished and matte surfacing, further augmenting the material’s flexibility.

Strong & Durable

Porcelain is an extremely strong and durable material – believe it or not porcelain is 30% stronger than granite!

Due to the material’s “firing” process, porcelain is instilled with a considerable surface strength, which makes it highly resistant to cracks, scratches, chipping, and general wear and tear.

The firing process also makes porcelain very heat resistant, which makes it a great choice for kitchen worktops where hot pots and pans are commonplace.

This high strength and durability also means the porcelain lasts a very long time compared to other stones, meaning that it is unlikely it will ever need replacing.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other materials, with porcelain no sealing is required, which means it doesn’t need to be maintained every few years.

In addition, owing to its glazing, porcelain has a waterproof surface, which makes it extremely easy to clean.

It is resistant to everyday spills in addition to harsh chemicals like bleach and bacteria.


Porcelain is a very green product because it is made with a natural clay material and can easily be recycled.


We are currently offering 20mm Dekton ‘Splendor’ polished porcelain for a very competitive price.

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