Choosing the right stone for your fireplace

When installing a stone fireplace in your home, there are a multitude of options available.

The material you ultimately settle on will depend on a number of factors, such as cost, style, maintenance and labour.

To help you with your final decision, we’re going to look at some of the most popular stone materials on the market when it comes to fireplaces.



Granite is a common choice for fireplaces, due in part to its durability.

This material, which will usually suit homes with a contemporary and clean style, is also very easy to keep clean.

Although it will require sealing, granite will withstand most external forces.


Marble fireplaces bring with them both positive and negative attributes which should be weighed up when making your decision.

On the positive side, marble will give your home a sleek, bright and stylish look, and the material itself, although requiring sealing, is very easy to clean.

On the down side, marble is very expensive, both to install and repair, and it also damages fairly easy, being receptive to chips, scratches and stains.


A limestone fireplace will imbue your home with an air of elegance and decorum.

A flexible material, limestone can be kept simple and clean, intricately carved for ornamentation, or stacked to give your home a more rustic flavour.

Like marble and granite, limestone needs to be sealed, and although fairly tough and durable, it is porous, meaning that it can suffer from stains and scratches.


Travertine is a great choice for a fireplace due to its incredible flexibility, as it can be tiled, stacked, or even carved.

In terms of composition, travertine is similar to both limestone and marble, being it is quite susceptible to scratches and stains.


Slate is an ideal choice if you’re going for a rustic look with your home, and can be employed in a tiled or stacked manner.

Although it does stain, slate is also an extremely durable material for your fireplace.
It will also require cleaning often as well as a deep clean now and again.


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