The Pros & Cons of Onyx Worktops

Whereas marble worktops and granite worktops are very common (and for good reason), there are other stone materials out there which although rarer do present a large number of benefits.

One such material is onyx, which is known for its natural beauty.

Onyx is a calcareous stone which is made up of dissolved limestone.

It often forms in caves and is present in stalagmites and stalactites.

Alabaster Onyx


Onyx is a very soft stone and as a consequence can scratch very easily.

It is therefore seldom used for kitchen worktops which attract a large amount of everyday wear and tear.

In addition, because it is calcium based, it reacts with acids, and can etch from everyday spills (wine, vinegar, fruit juices, etc).

It is therefore much more common to see onyx worktops used in the bathroom or in areas which have lower traffic as opposed to the kitchen.

Owing to this last point, you must be very careful when cleaning onyx worktops.

Make sure you use a non-acidic cleaning agent and a soft cloth – and remember to spray the cleaning agent on the cloth first rather than the surface, which will prevent it from being absorbed into the stone.

You can also apply a sealant to your onyx worktop to minimise any etches occurring.


Onyx is an extremely striking and beautiful material.

One reason for this is that the material is translucent (light shines through it), which makes it a very desirable choice for homeowners.

It is therefore common to see onyx used decoratively to underscore dramatic design elements.

In addition, onyx comes in a huge number of natural colours and patterns, meaning it can be a flexible choice for your home, as it can go with a wide variety of interior design styles.

Also, because onyx has the “wow factor”, using it can add a great deal of value to your home, which can be very advantageous if you are planning to sell in the future.


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