The Main Advantages Of Limestone Worktops

One of most popular worktop surface materials in recent years has been limestone.

As well as being extremely unique – the stone is made from fossils and shells and formed over time by sea life and sand – limestone has a large number of advantages which you should consider when choosing a new worktop for your kitchen or bathroom.

These include:



One of the main reasons why limestone worktops are so popular is that the material is very similar to marble, a very coveted stone, but considerably cheaper.

With limestone you can achieve a very beautiful and aesthetic look at a very good price!


Limestone is an extremely strong and durable material which makes it the ideal choice for stone kitchen worktops.

The stone itself is very sturdy and resistant to high temperatures, which means it will have a long life expectancy.


Limestone is available in a wide variety of light tones including white and sandy colours.

This large range of colour options means that limestone can easily be accommodated in your home and blend with many different designs and colour combinations.

These natural colours are particularly popular with chefs and those who love cooking as they look great with professional stainless steel kitchenware.

Add value

Due to the natural beauty of the stone and the material’s shine and lustre, limestone worktops are considered to be very sophisticated and, as a consequence, can add a great deal of value to your home.


Limestone worktops are popular with manufacturers and developers due to the material’s availability.
Limestone is easily mined and there is an abundance of the material.


As limestone is a sedimentary stone, this beautiful material is easy to manipulate into different shapes and sizes, giving it the ability to serve many purposes, be it for residential use or commercial stone flooring.


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