The Benefits Of Using Slate Worktops

For those looking to splash out on a new stone kitchen worktop, the options, at first, can seem rather overwhelming.

With so many different stone worktop materials out there, not to mention the variety of colours available, which one do you go for?

One option that’s certainly worth considering – although it may not be the first that comes to mind – is to choose a slate worktop.

Although this material (which is made up of materials including pyrite, muscovite, chlorite, quartz) is typically associated with flooring and roofing, it has many properties which make it an excellent option for kitchen worktops – a few of which we are going to look at in today’s blog post.



Slate worktops can be extremely versatile.

As well as being available in a variety of appealing colours such as cyan, green and purple (and not just shades of grey as many people would assume), slate can also be given a glossy finish when oiled.


Because no two pieces of slate are the same, opting for a slate worktop in your home will imbue it with a sense of individuality.

What’s more, the distinctiveness of slate is often lent an even more unusual character by the fact that many tiles contain ancient fossils.

This will certainly make your home stand out from the crowd!


Slate worktops are not porous and boast a very low level of absorption, which means, unlike, for example, granite worktops, they are very resistant to stains.

Slate is also very resistant to heat, which, when combined with the above property, makes the material extremely durable in the long-term.

As such, slate worktops, although not the cheapest option, represent a superb investment.
Easy to maintain

Slate worktops are also very easy to maintain – light blemishes can be simply wiped away whereas heavier blemishes merely require a damp sponge or wet steel wool.


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