Choosing The Right Stone Material For Your Bathroom

When furnishing a bathroom, be it at home or for a commercial property such as a hotel, office or gymnasium, it is of the utmost importance that you select the most appropriate stone materials.

In this blog post we are going to look at some bathroom material options which should deserve your consideration, be it for worktops, baths or stone basins.



Granite worktops are an extremely popular choice when it comes to bathrooms – and for good reason.

This is mainly down to the material’s natural beauty and almost endless variety of patterns and colours, which allows consumers of different taste to find a hue which is right for them.

Granite is also extremely durable, being impervious to general wear and tear and extreme temperatures.

And, lastly, as granite is so in-demand at the moment, investing in this material for your bathroom can add considerable resale value to your home.


Quartz worktops are another popular choice – manly because of the stone’s immense toughness.

Indeed, quartz, which is made up of approximately 95% natural stone with added resins, pigments and sometimes recycled content, is much tougher than granite and highly resistant to moisture, stains and bacteria.

This property is especially appealing if you run a commercial property with a lot of foot traffic, as quartz worktops will be resistant to stains from spilt booze, makeup or protein shakes (we all know that annoying gym personality who always makes a mess in the changing rooms).


Despite being associated with wealth and luxury, marble worktops are not as expensive as you might think, which is thanks, in part, to improvements in the material’s production.

In addition to its beauty, marble is a great choice for a bathroom, as it is long-lasting and resistant to day-to-day wear and tear, highly adaptable, and versatile in that it can be polished or honed, depending on whether you want a shiny or matte finish.

So, in conclusion, whether you’re a homeowner or the proprietor of a commercial property such as a trendy bar, gym or hotel, these are the materials which you should certainly be considering for your bathroom.


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