Why You Should Choose Sandstone

Interior design is all about choosing the right material for the job.

A well-chosen, high-quality material can lend a design – be it commercial or residential – the perfect blend of proportion, detail and character.

When it comes to stone surfaces, a popular choice, and rightly so, is sandstone flooring and sandstone worktops, and in this blog post we are going to examine just why that is.


1) Highly durable

Sandstone is an extremely durable stone type.

Due to its composition, this arenaceous sedimentary rock can withstand extremes in temperature, and, over time, it does not change in hardness or density, like limestone for example.

Furthermore, sandstone, unlike other materials, is not affected by acid rain and other atmospheric poisons which can cause degradation.

The lifespan of sandstone structures is measured in centuries – not decades!

2) Very easy to maintain

Sandstone is an extremely easy stone type to look after.

In fact, it requires absolutely no maintenance whatsoever – nothing in the way of special mortars or sealers, for example.

This can give the property owner piece of mind when installing sandstone surfaces in their home or commercial building.

3) Quick and simple to install

Sandstone is one of our most popular stone materials here at CarraraMarble.co.uk because of how easy it is to install.

First off, it is much lighter – and indeed less expensive – than other popular stones such as granite, which makes handling the material very painless.

Sandstone is also a lot easier to ‘hand-tool’ – much more so, in fact, than either limestone or granite.

It is extremely easy to carve which means that you can get it into any shape you want fairly easily

What’s more, sandstone provides significantly more ‘coverage per tonne’ than limestone and granite, which means less resources are required to install the material.


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