Three Of The World’s Greatest Marble Designers

Since the ancient era, marble has been synonymous with wealth and prestige.

From the beautiful columns of the Parthenon in Athens (constructed way back in 447-432 BCE) to Michelangelo’s sublime Pietà and David statues, few materials come as highly regarded as this beautiful, shimmering stone (the word ‘marble’ is literally derived from the Greek word for ‘shining stone’).

Today, the appeal of marble continues, its reputation perpetuated not just by our superb marble worktops but by some of the world’s finest sculptors, artists and architects, a few of which we are going to look at in this blog post.

Stefano Boeri

Stefano Boeri

Born in Milan in 1956, Stefano Boeri is one of the world’s most esteemed architects and urban planners, and founder of the Stefano Boeri Architetti (Studio of Architecture, Milan).

One of his most famous compositions is the “Tavolo Onda” table (wave table), a design originally conceptualised by his mother, which draws on the ancient beauty of marble.

The name is inspired by the base of the table – carved from a single piece of Carrara marble – which evokes the calming, gentle ripple of a wave.

Maurizio Galante

Based in Paris, Maurizio Galante is a French-Italian haute couture fashion designer.

Although famed for his exploits in the world of fashion, Galante cut his teeth as an architect, and it is the prestigious Cerruti chair for which he is widely known.

Designed for Cerruti Baleria, this magnificent marble tattooed chair, sculpted from Carrara marble, is an out-the-box contemporary design par excellence.

Joe Doucet

Born in 1970, Joe Doucet is a New York based designer, artist, entrepreneur and inventor.

One of his most praised art compositions is the marble table he designed and created for an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

This high-end masterpiece draws on pieces of flat white marble which interlock without fixtures to form an exquisite ‘snap fit’ table.


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