The Advantages of Lapitec

While marble, granite and quartz are some of the most popular varieties of material for contemporary stone bathrooms and stone kitchens, it is some of the lesser known materials which provide the most advantages for private and commercial properties.

Lapitec, a ‘sintered stone’ created using advanced manufacturing techniques, is one such material which combines all the advantages of the above – and more!


1) High durability

Lapitec is resistant to a large number of external factors which would damage other stone types, such as scratches and scrapes, high temperatures, frost, moisture, UV light, acids, alkalis, and heavy loads.

2) Wide range of uses

Although it is typically employed in kitchens, Lapitec can, thanks to its divergent properties, be used in a wide variety of rooms and scenarios, such as bathroom floors and worktops, wall cladding (internal and external), stone fireplaces, furniture, and even swimming pools.

3) Hygienic

Lapitec is anti-bacterial and mould resistant, making it a very popular choice for kitchens in particular, and it’s also non-absorbent, meaning anything spilled on its surface will not be absorbed into the material.

This last property also makes it very easy to clean as well.

4) Easy to maintain

Unlike other stone types which need to be treated and resealed every couple of years, Lapitec is extremely easy to maintain (as well as being non-porous, it’s treated with a mould and bacteria repellent solution), making it the perfect choice for those short on time and patience.

5) Variety of finishes

Lapitec comes in four different varieties of finish (Lux, Satin, Vesuvio, Fossil) and is available in a large assortment of natural colours, allowing it cater for a wide range of personal preferences.

6) Good for the planet

Lapitec is a completely ‘green’ product, meaning its entire production process is beneficial to the planet.

As well as being free of any petroleum processing and totally inert (meaning it doesn’t pollute the atmosphere in any way), it is also completely recyclable.


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