Five Benefits Of Using Dekton

Dekton, which is manufactured from a blend of inorganic raw materials found in quartz, glass and porcelain, is fast becoming one of the most popular materials for high-quality stone flooring and stone worktops in both residential and commercial sectors.


Thanks to its advanced fabrication process which applies a significant degree of compaction, Dekton boasts a wide range of advantages which are not seen in other conventional stone types, such as marble, granite and limestone.

1) Fade resistant

Dekton’s exceptional technical makeup means that it is UV resistant and therefore will not fade over time, making it the perfect stone material for both indoor and outdoor applications.

In addition, the manufacturing process provides full control of colour pigmentation, which further augments the material’s long-term colour consistency.

2) High strength

Dekton is ultra-strong, providing both dimensional stability and high-mechanical strength (it’s five times stronger than granite), making it the perfect material for both walkways and driveways.

3) High durability

As well as being completely resistant to ultra violet light, Dekton’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures that it is also resistant to stains (from everyday spills such as tea and coffee to household chemicals such as bleach), scratches and abrasions, fire and heat, and ice and thawing.

4) High flexibility

Dekton is available in three different thicknesses (8mm, 12mm, 20mm) and an extensive variety of natural colours, which makes it the ideal candidate for a wide array of application requirements, both commercial and residential.

From stone kitchen worktops and stone baths to cladding, steps and facades (indoors and outdoors), the application potential of Dekton is almost infinite.

5) Low maintenance

Another advantage of Dekton is that, due to the way it is fabricated and treated, it is an extremely low maintenance surface compared to other stone materials.

Its non-porous properties make it very easy to clean as liquids and other materials cannot penetrate its surface.


We are currently offering 20mm Dekton ‘Splendor’ polished porcelain for a very competitive price.

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