Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton by Cosentino is a ultra-compact surface, which can be used both internally and externally due to its resistance to UK rays as well as being available in large formats.

Its durability also makes it a perfect stone kitchen worktop material and it is produced in a variety of stunning colours.


Dekton comes in thicknesses of 8, 12 and 20mm, making for an extremely versatile material when used for cladding.

Here at Carrara Marble, we pride ourselves on our expertise when working with this unique material.

We offer a turnaround time from the production of templates to installation of seven days and are able to offer Dekton as well as other surfaces for both residential and commercial customers.


We are currently offering 20mm Dekton ‘Splendor’ polished porcelain for a very competitive price.

If you are interested in receiving a quotation please contact us on 0208 838 4604 or email